Drink deep. Dream big. 

This is more than just a catchy little tagline for us. What if positive change and impact could be possible? What if relationships could be strengthened or restored? What if a cup of coffee could change the world?

These are the questions that started a dream.

In 2009, a study done by the Clark County Community Actions Forum found that at any time in downtown Winchester, 60-70 teenagers were wandering the streets. The prevalence of generational drug & alcohol abuse in Central Kentucky meant that hundreds of children in our city are fighting an uphill battle to find significance and purpose with little or no support from traditional family structures. Seeing the need, Calvary Christian Church decided to step up to help become a catalyst for change in this area and to establish a place where young people in Winchester could have a safe place where they can find acceptance apart from dangerous behaviors; and where they can foster relationships and develop skills that will allow them to grow into successful, responsible, and independent adults. 

What does all of this have to do with a coffee shop? When you put some creative minds behind such a project, you never know what you are going to get. In the end it worked out pretty well. By having a coffee shop, you add value to the community by having a positive place that fosters community and relationships. You also get a venue for people to share their dreams, passions, and talents. You also start a non profit business that could fund the much needed teen center. What started out as a coffee shop turned into a place where real, tangible, positive change could happen. Recognizing the real impact that could be made, we named the coffee house Cairn Coffee, based on what we saw this place becoming- a monument that marks a place where something significant happened.

The Cairn operates with a two-fold purpose.  First, we recognize that positive change can only truly take place in the context of relationships, so we desire to be a place where everyone- adults and teens- could feel comfortable and welcome enough to engage in conversations and strengthen relationships, both new and old (drink deep).  Second, as a non-profit business, the coffee house would be an economic engine providing a constant revenue stream to support and sustain our second floor teen center (dream big).

Cairn Coffee opened to the public in September of 2012. After becoming self sustaining, we were able to start work on our second floor teen center and in April of 2013, the Rowland Arts Teen Center opened it's doors. 

We exist to be a place where life and community happen and dreams take shape. When you make a purchase in our coffee shop, you are helping fund a community teen center. When you leave a tip, you are giving to organizations in Winchester and around the world that are rescuing, freeing, and empowering people. When you DRINK DEEP, you help others DREAM BIG!