This Christmas, shop with purpose! It’s easy to do at The Cairn…

Each week leading up to Christmas, we will feature a different retail item, with the story behind the item (and some discounts! Score!). Posts for each item will be up the Friday before it becomes ROTW(Retail Of The Week, that is) so you can make plans to shop!


First up… (drumroll, please)… these super cute Haitian Coin Purses!

Winchester’s own Ashley Wingate began the sewingprogram for the ladies of Saint-Louis du Nord, Haiti to allow the women to learn a trade and earn income. There are several women in the sewing program, each with different stories and struggles. But they do have a common thread: these women dare to dream bigger than their current circumstances. Facing poverty, family crises, and much, much more, these ladies truly have the odds stacked against them. And not only them, but their precious families as well. By spending time learning to sew, the women learn a skill that can help them earn income for the rest of their lives. It is one building block- one step toward rebuilding life, restoring their family, and rediscovering purpose and hope.

Along with learning the trade of sewing, the women spend time in discipleship with the leaders of the program. By pouring into the lives of these women, Ashley and the other leaders are seeing change in a generation in this community…. also a building block. These women are being empowered to rebuild and restore their community and, ultimately, their world. Learn more about these lovely ladies, their families and this program here!

The coin purses are only $10 and make perfect Christmas gifts! Inside each purse, there is a picture of the woman who made it… and her story. Give the gift of hope to her this Christmas when you give your friends and family one of these treasures!

Stay tuned for next week’s ROTW!