Today, millions are raising their voices- actually, their hands- to shine a light on modern-day slavery. A trend started by The EndIt Movement, the eye-catching red "X" is being drawn on hands all over the world to show that we are "in it to end it." From professional athletes to pastors to preschool children, the world is speaking up to put an end to human trafficking.

endit x.jpg

Put a red "X" on your hand to show those around you that slavery IS NOT OK and that you are in it to END IT! Somebody will ask you why it's there... tada! Tell them that there are 27 million people trapped in slavery around the world and that it has to END. Snap a photo of your hand and post it to the Cairn's Facebook page to spread even more awareness to our community, and we will feature them on the blog! You can also tweet your pic with #enditmovement and JOIN THE MOVEMENT!