Two weeks ago, social media was flooded with red X’s to “shine a light on slavery”- a symbol that has become recognizable to abolitionists around the world. Thousands of people joined the movement, drawing an “X” on their hand to say that they are “in it to END IT.” 


I love that so many people are raising their voices- well, hands, actually- to put an end to human trafficking. But how does drawing an X on your hand help end slavery? Someone asks why there is an X on your hand and you have the floor to tell them that there are more slaves now than at any other time in history… and voila, another person is aware of an intolerable injustice happening in their world and has an opportunity to join the fight.

However, the 27 million men, women and children who are enslaved have no idea that so many people are talking about ending their nightmare. They only know of the ones who actually rescue them. 

Awareness is great, and absolutely necessary, but real change happens only when action follows awareness. That’s why, here at The Cairn, we love supporting organizations and ministries that are taking action in the fight against human trafficking in every corner of the world. From those working with law enforcement to the ones busting down brothel doors, we’ve found some fantastic groups that are making huge strides toward the end of modern-day slavery, and it’s our privilege to support their efforts. 

Rescuing victims is obviously a crucial step in abolishing slavery, but what if we could end the nightmare before it even begins? That’s the approach the Not Today Coalition is taking: there are millions of children who are at-risk of being trafficked, in desperate need of someone simply stepping in and allowing them greater opportunity. Not Today has a simple solution…

Education. It is a luxury for most children around the world, but Not Today is creating the opportunity for children in one of the darkest and most oppressive places: India. The Not Today website reports that India is the most dangerous place to be a girl, and that the Dalit people group is the most trafficked in the world. “A Dalit child that has been educated is a Dalit child who has been rescued from human trafficking.”


The Cairn is honored to help Not Today prevent trafficking in India. A portion of this year’s tips will help fund a school which will provide education to countless children, and change a community for generations to come!