Yes that's right... lip balm!

We have an event coming up on April 19th, and we needed 1500 (or more) tubes of lip balm to cover it. 

In the weeks leading up to May 3rd, girls from all over will be brought in to be sold for sex to spectators of the Derby. In your state, possibly your city. Girls as young as 11, some even younger, are being trafficked into our state this month, and will go unnoticed by most of us. Knowing this is happening has moved people- people just like you- in our area to do something, anything, about it. Check out what Winchester is doing about it- what YOU can do- on the Derby Trafficking event page on Facebook!

The labels on the lip balm serve as a lifeline for the victims themselves. Seeing a uniquely labeled tube of lip balm in a truck stop bathroom, for example, could be their one chance for freedom. When you buy one at The Cairn, you donate one to be labeled at the event. One for one.

So, we have lip balm... we just need you! Get involved hands-on, learn more about trafficking in our state, then we'll all go do something about it!

RSVP on the FB event page and bring some friends!