"Ought to." The very words make me want to do whatever it is I "ought to" that much less!

I’ve known this about myself, but recently I’ve had to admit it all over again. Even if it’s a good thing to do, if I feel like I have to, I don’t wanna!

In preparing for a small group Bible study, I was instructed to reflect on the way we tend to value people: we tend to value people based on what they can do for us. It’s true- think about those you value most and why. Think about those you value least and why… Most of the time we value people because of how we are benefited. 

As always, God’s nature and logic is opposite of ours. First John 4:10-11 basically tells me I have to love all people- ALL people- unconditionally because they are valued by God, so much so that He sacrificed His own Son for them. Yes, even THAT person that you are thinking of right now- they are unconditionally valued by God. I’m sure we can all think of THAT person that is hardest to love, even though we “ought” to… 

But what about the ones we’re not thinking of? In my own case, they are actually the hardest to love and count as valuable- the people I don’t know and will probably never meet. Since I don’t know them and they can do nothing for me, it is naturally harder to act on their behalf (and sometimes to even remember they are out there…).

CS Lewis.jpg

How have your actions spoken of the value of those around you today?

We not only “ought” to value them, we are called to serve them. So very backwards from our “what’s in it for me” value system, we are to serve people we do not know, will not know, and can’t see because they are valued by God. I truly believe this is one of the hardest things to do. (If you disagree, then let’s please chat so you can rub off on me!) We have to reverse our thinking in order to change our actions.

This is exactly what we want to do through The Cairn. We value our customers- not just because you buy a LOT of cheesecake from us and keep us in business- but because we recognize that you are valued by a God that you may or may not know yet. We value our community and our world, whether or not we know all or even some of those individuals. That’s why, as a non-profit business, we do our best to act on behalf of people who need us to.

Here’s the best part: we want you to join us in the privilege of serving those around us! Coming soon to The Cairn is an interactive way to participate in the “big dreams” that the people around you (whether you know them or not) have for their own lives, the community and the world. Stay tuned for more details in the next blog post, and keep your eyes open for a fun addition to the cafe!