Yes that's right... lip balm!

We have an event coming up on April 19th, and we needed 1500 (or more) tubes of lip balm to cover it. 

In the weeks leading up to May 3rd, girls from all over will be brought in to be sold for sex to spectators of the Derby. In your state, possibly your city. Girls as young as 11, some even younger, are being trafficked into our state this month, and will go unnoticed by most of us. Knowing this is happening has moved people- people just like you- in our area to do something, anything, about it. Check out what Winchester is doing about it- what YOU can do- on the Derby Trafficking event page on Facebook!

The labels on the lip balm serve as a lifeline for the victims themselves. Seeing a uniquely labeled tube of lip balm in a truck stop bathroom, for example, could be their one chance for freedom. When you buy one at The Cairn, you donate one to be labeled at the event. One for one.

So, we have lip balm... we just need you! Get involved hands-on, learn more about trafficking in our state, then we'll all go do something about it!

RSVP on the FB event page and bring some friends! 



Education can #ENDIT

Two weeks ago, social media was flooded with red X’s to “shine a light on slavery”- a symbol that has become recognizable to abolitionists around the world. Thousands of people joined the movement, drawing an “X” on their hand to say that they are “in it to END IT.” 


I love that so many people are raising their voices- well, hands, actually- to put an end to human trafficking. But how does drawing an X on your hand help end slavery? Someone asks why there is an X on your hand and you have the floor to tell them that there are more slaves now than at any other time in history… and voila, another person is aware of an intolerable injustice happening in their world and has an opportunity to join the fight.

However, the 27 million men, women and children who are enslaved have no idea that so many people are talking about ending their nightmare. They only know of the ones who actually rescue them. 

Awareness is great, and absolutely necessary, but real change happens only when action follows awareness. That’s why, here at The Cairn, we love supporting organizations and ministries that are taking action in the fight against human trafficking in every corner of the world. From those working with law enforcement to the ones busting down brothel doors, we’ve found some fantastic groups that are making huge strides toward the end of modern-day slavery, and it’s our privilege to support their efforts. 

Rescuing victims is obviously a crucial step in abolishing slavery, but what if we could end the nightmare before it even begins? That’s the approach the Not Today Coalition is taking: there are millions of children who are at-risk of being trafficked, in desperate need of someone simply stepping in and allowing them greater opportunity. Not Today has a simple solution…

Education. It is a luxury for most children around the world, but Not Today is creating the opportunity for children in one of the darkest and most oppressive places: India. The Not Today website reports that India is the most dangerous place to be a girl, and that the Dalit people group is the most trafficked in the world. “A Dalit child that has been educated is a Dalit child who has been rescued from human trafficking.”


The Cairn is honored to help Not Today prevent trafficking in India. A portion of this year’s tips will help fund a school which will provide education to countless children, and change a community for generations to come!



February 27: Shine a Light on Slavery!

Today, millions are raising their voices- actually, their hands- to shine a light on modern-day slavery. A trend started by The EndIt Movement, the eye-catching red "X" is being drawn on hands all over the world to show that we are "in it to end it." From professional athletes to pastors to preschool children, the world is speaking up to put an end to human trafficking.

endit x.jpg

Put a red "X" on your hand to show those around you that slavery IS NOT OK and that you are in it to END IT! Somebody will ask you why it's there... tada! Tell them that there are 27 million people trapped in slavery around the world and that it has to END. Snap a photo of your hand and post it to the Cairn's Facebook page to spread even more awareness to our community, and we will feature them on the blog! You can also tweet your pic with #enditmovement and JOIN THE MOVEMENT!



Pay It Forward

photo 2.JPG
photo 1.JPG

At the Cairn, we are always looking for ways to be able to bless people. The cool thing about a blessing is that it can come in many shapes and sizes. When you make purchases in our coffee shop, you are being a blessing to teens in our community through funding the Rowland Arts Center for Teens, located in our second floor. When you leave a tip, you are blessing people locally and globally through organizations that are rescuing and empowering people.

We strive to be a place where people can gather and "drink deep" in life and relationships. As a result, we see blessings take shape. At the beginning of this month, we started a Pay it Forward board, where anyone can be a simple blessing in the life of another by purchasing a drink or food item for somebody else. Some of the items are for specific people like a college student or a bald man. Others are for anyone in general. One item had the requirement of rapping Ice Ice Baby for a hot chocolate, which happened by the way! It so happened the first day we put the board out was the coldest day in Winchester in the last 20 years. A few people bought some cups of coffee to put on the board, and we saw people coming in out of the cold and being blessed to receive those cups of coffee. We have seen one lady buy her sister's favorite drink and leave it up on the board. When the sister came in the next day, she bought her sister a drink in return, which led to another drink being purchased for a total stranger. The blessings have had a real snowball effect (it's safe to use that analogy in this weather, right?). 

The coolest (sorry, on a bad pun roll) story happened this week. A lady was in here with her young daughter, and the daughter saw the board and wanted to buy a drink to add to the Pay it Forward board. When asked if she would like to buy the drink for a specific person, she simply said a homeless person. Though we do have several in the homeless community here in Winchester, we often don't see them. It just so happened that this morning a homeless gentleman was digging through our dumpster. Because of the heart and generosity of a little girl, a homeless man received a cup of coffee and blueberry muffin on this cold January morning. There was a genuine smile of appreciation when we told him who bought that for him. 

We don't always know the impact we make when we try to be a blessing for others. We can only trust that the blessing will plant a seed and grow into more blessings. It's the kind of thing that makes a heart grow three sizes, whether you're a grinch or not. Find a way to bless someone today. Maybe it's a kind word. Maybe it's doing a chore around the house for your spouse. Maybe it's buying a cup of coffee for a friend. Most importantly, make it from the heart and feel the joy that accompanies it.