4 years ago today, the doors of the Rowland Arts Center for Teens opened to the youth of our community. It has been an incredible & humbling adventure every day since. I have grown professionally, but more importantly, I've grown as a person.  

A few lessons I’ve learned: 

The best investment you can make is in people. In my experience, that investment never returns void. Either you grow, the other person does, or most likely, both of you do. 

There are no shortcuts, just hard work. A lesson my father tried to teach me, that as an adult has become a daily truth. 

Kids are not as dumb/lazy/entitled/etc. as many believe or think they are. More often than not, the students I’ve worked with are incredibly smart, work harder than I did when I was their age, and more than anything want a better life than their current circumstances. Often times these students just need someone to believe in them. 

I'm forever grateful for everyone who has volunteered here and supported the RAC- y'all made this dream a reality. These last 4 years have been a blast. 


Joseph Miller // Executive Director