Our Team- a passion that goes far beyond coffee...

John Dixon- owner

With a passion that originally began watching his mother grill burgers and steaks in his backyard, John always knew he wanted to go into the Food Service industry. He cooked for two years at a local steakhouse where he perfected the grilling of a steak. He soon began working as a barista with us in 2016. In 2017 he discovered coffee roasting, and how in a sense, it was similar to grilling a steak. Both an art and a science, he fell in love with roasting, and soon developed a new passion for the coffee industry. He seeks to serve the community through the Cairn by building relationships, engaging with customers, supporting the RAC and serving the freshest coffee in town.

Joseph Miller- Teen Center Director

Joseph is only an adult because he had no choice but to grow up. Perhaps that is why he fits in so well with the students upstairs. He has a playful smile and a ruggedly handsome beard. Someone was once quoted as saying that Joseph was the funniest man in all of the tri-state area. That someone was his wife Caitlyn- a blonde hair, blue-eyed Kentucky bombshell. Joseph and Cait love to travel and take every opportunity they get to explore the Bluegrass. Joseph dreams of a world in which no one is discriminated against for their desire to own a light saber, he hopes for a reality in which dinosaurs will once again roam the earth, and that one day, he could stand on top of Mount Everest, his lady in hand and adventure conquered. Joseph is a Florida native (GO GATORS!) and has a degree in Cultural Anthropology from Eastern Kentucky University.

Zach Cowan- barista | assistant to the teen center director

Zach Cowan works on staff in the coffee house as a barista. He loves making a good cup of coffee and serving his community in the coffee house. Zach also works for the RAC Teen Center as the assistant to the director. Zach's passion for building relationships, investing in the RAC students, and destroying them at ping-pong knows no bounds. Zach is motivated by the potential he sees in each student and has an immense desire to see them DREAM BIG and achieve their goals in life. Zach does all of this, mostly by assisting the RAC Director (Joseph), in the every day drop-in hours, and with his insane creativity and talent, Zach also helps design and create promotional and graphic media. Zach also serves at Calvary Christian Church as one of the worship leaders. Zach is a graduate of Morehead State University and is getting his master's in Music & Worship at Liberty University. 

SHelda MILLER - baking extraordinaire | catering manager

What we do at the Cairn would not be possible without the devoted lady that give her time and effort to make sure that we always have cheesecakes, pies, cakes, dessert bars, and cookies available to our guests. Shelda is one of the greatest chefs we have ever experienced. Her extraordinary talent proves handy when we get a call to cater events such as weddings, birthday parties, or graduation parties. A military-wife and mother, when her arms were not full with babes, she spent her free time baking.

Charity bowen - barista & asst. roaster

Charity has a heart for serving people. As a member of the Cairn, she puts together the donation drives for the local homeless shelter, The Beacon of Hope. So far, she has collected 8 boxes of donations for the shelter, with items they had just run out of hours before. She enjoys making coffee and interacting with our customers. Come in on the weekends and she will greet you with a smile.


If you have a passion for coffee, food service, baking or helping others, please click the link below to show your interest in employment!