The second floor of The Cairn takes our “third place” concept and focuses specifically on the teenagers of Clark County. With three-thousand square feet of open space, “The Rowland Arts Center” (RAC) at The Cairn provides the middle-school and high-school age students in our community with a safe, positive environment that they can truly call their own. This floor features video game systems, table games, couches, music, and a full-service snack bar. Overlooking Main Street is a stage, complete with sound and lighting systems, making The Cairn one of Central Kentucky’s premier music venues. Additionally, this entire space is available to any youth-focused church or civic organization in our community to rent for special events or meetings.

A key component of The RAC is the development of transformational relationships. Our staff – which is primarily made of volunteers who are passionate about raising up the young people in our community  - invests their time and energy as mentors, seeking first to offer an environment of safety and trust, then working intentionally to have meaningful conversations with the students. Throughout all this, our mentors identify areas of need for the students – physical, emotional, academic, etc. – and work to develop plans and/or programs to help meet these needs. Our volunteers are caring adults and college students who come from a variety of backgrounds and experiences (i.e. teachers, counselors, musicians, pastors, etc.) who desire to see positive, tangible change in the lives of young people.

Through The RAC, our goal is to encourage the young people in our community to DREAM BIG and prepare them for success by showing them they are loved, respected, and significant.

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